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23, New Palace Area, Kolhapur - 416003, Maharashtra State.

Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis Plants

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Laxminarayan Technologies is premier Investment Casting foundry machinery, Autoclaves, Electrodialysis plants and Specialty Chemicals manufacturing company, developing new industrial products since the year 1986, located at MIDC, Gokul-Shirgaon, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra state, India.

Over the years Laxminarayan Technologies with extensive in-house R&D have developed and achieved a great degree of expertise in design and manufacture of machinery, turnkey projects and speciality chemicals particularly inorganic colloids. Our machinery and projects installed in many countries around the world are testimony to our expertise, experience and excellence in our field.

We design and manufacture entire range of machinery required for Investment casting foundries with partial or fully automated configurations. We build Industrial Autoclaves for composite panel production, Ceramic leaching, Dewaxing, Aerated Brick Manufacture, Nylon filament stretching and Aerospace applications.

We design and build Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis plants and Ultra-filtration systems for applications in the food, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Waste water, Ultrapure water, Phase transfer catalysts and other chemical industries. Turnkey chemical plants for producing Phase transfer catalysts, organic acids, Silica sols and specialised waste water recovery are our areas of acknowledged expertise.

Inorganic colloids for use in industries such as Investment casting, Thermal insulation, Refractory, Textiles, Catalysts, Protective coatings, CMP slurries, extrusion, forging, die casting, wire drawing and conductive coatings are our products.

We are therefore confident that you will find our products and machines to be a high performance and economically beneficial for your particular usage.