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Desalination of fruit juice and removal of tartaric acid from wine.

desalination of fruit juice and removal of tartaric acid from wine.

De-acidification of fruit juice is an important application of Electrodialysis. In the production of bottled champagne it is necessary to avoid the formation of crystalline tartar which occurs when the wine is cooled and the solubility of Potassium-sodium salt of the Tartaric acid exceeds its solubility limits. Crystalline tartar on the bottom of a champagne bottle enhances the release of dissolved CO2 which results in instantaneous, uncontrolled foam formation when the bottle is opened. To avoid crystallization of tartar salts in the wine, tartaric acid and its salts must be reduced to a level that does not exceed their solubility in the wine at storing temperature. This can be efficiently done by Electrodialysis.