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Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis Plants

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Applications of Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis.

S.No. Application Stack Configuration
1 Colloidal Silica Manufacture. ------
2 Phase Transfer Catalysts Manufacture. ------
3 Production of citric acid. Two-compartment EDBM
4 Concentration of citric acid. Electro Deionisation
5 Concentration of lactate. Electrodialysis
6 Production of lactic acid. Three-compartment EDBM
7 Desalination of glutamine. Electrodialysis
8 Recovery of gluconate. Electrodialysis
9 Production of gluconic acid. Three-compartment EDBM
10 Recovery of d-␣-p-hydroxyphenylglycine. Electrodialysis
11 Recovery of an amino acid Industrial plantaqualytics system. Three-compartment EDBM
12 Production of amino acids. Two-compartment EDBM
13 Concentration of lysine. Electrodialysis
14 Concentration of glycine. Electrodialysis
15 Concentration of formic acid. Electrodialysis
16 Regeneration of formic acid. Three-compartment EDBM
17 Concentration of propionate Lab scale. Electrodialysis
18 Production of octanoic acid Lab scale. TPEIS
19 Recovery of organic acids (butyric, valeric, adipic,caproic, oxalic acids) Electro Electrodialysis
20 Production of l-malic acid. Electro Electrodialysis
21 Production of Vitamin-C(ascorbic acid) Two-compartment EDBM
22 Production of gluconic acidand Vitamin C. Two-compartment EDBM
23 Production of salicylic acid. Three-compartment EDBM
24 Production of salicylic acid (HSa)Lab scale. TPEIS
25 Recovery of methanesulphonic acid (MTA). Three-compartment EDBM
26 Regeneration of camphorsulphonic acid. Three-compartment EDBM
27 Regeneration of p-toluenesulfonic acid. Two-compartment EDBM