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Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis Plants

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Production of acid and alkali from inorganic salts/industrial waste streams.

production of acid and alkali from inorganic salts/industrial waste streams

Bipolar Electrodialysis (EDBM) stacks for acid & caustic recovery from sodium nitrate, sodium sulphate and sodium acetate effluents are available.

Bipolar Electrodialysis (EDBM) stacks for recovery of Acid and Base from waste ion-exchange regenerant are available.

This will eliminate huge volumes of effluents and recover all the acid –bases for process reuse.

Electrodialysis stacks for Acid recovery from spent battery acid are also available.

Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis have a tremendous uses for the recovery/recycling of valuable chemicals present in industrial effluents, for pollution prevention and resource recovery.